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Hot Lead - Private Education Institution Searching for Credit Transfer Partnership with U.S. Universities for Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

HOT LEAD - MALAYSIAN Private education institution searching for credit transfer partnership with American universities for undergraduate engineering programs

A reputable local private college, Informatics Group Malaysia  (“Informatics”) is interested to offer American Degrees in Computer Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and Megatronics (Mechanical and Electronics Engineering) to their students here. Therefore, Informatics is searching for U.S. institutions that are interested to partner with them on a credit transfer basis, i.e. either on a 2+2 or 1+3 basis. This means that the students will study two years in Malaysia and the final two years in the U.S. partner institutions or one year in Malaysia and the next three years in U.S.

Presently, Informatics have partnerships with 10 British universities and one Australian university for their Engineering degree programs. Since there is an interest in American Engineering programs here, Informatics now plans to offer American Engineering degree programs by partnering with several U.S. colleges or universities. Informatics has more than 20,000 students in total, around 1,500 are enrolled in Engineering programs.

Incorporated in 1984, Informatics is Malaysia's pioneer and leading provider in IT education and training. Informatics offers comprehensive IT education programs ranging from certificate to postgraduate levels, and IT skills training courses to working professionals and corporate organizations in its extensive network of 25 Informatics City Campuses and Informatics Professional Development Centers nationwide. The network of 25 City Campuses has earned Informatics the reputation of being the largest IT institution in Malaysia. 

Informatics has also ventured into offering, for more than a decade now, business training and education through its members institutions of IAHE/Sarjana Business Schools, which are now merged with Informatics and operate in the City Campuses.  Informatics is part of the Informatics Group based in Singapore with a global network of over 500 establishments over 40 countries and territories worldwide. Please refer to for more information.

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